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5 Tissues* Chick Flick Nite – “Things we Lost in the Fire”



 Hope comes with letting go.…..A recent widow invites her husband’s troubled best friend to live with her and her two children. As he gradually turns his life around, he helps the family cope and confront their loss.   

I am going to start my own rating system for the movies that I rent.  Instead of 5 stars I will use a scale of tissues, 1-5.   You see, I get all my emotional and hormonal blockages cleared out on Monday night, “Chick Flick Nite”.   I indulge in take out, something sweet, get in my jammies early and watch a girly movie that my other half has no interest in (or tolerance for).  I am a sucker for the real tragic ones involving you know, the terminally ill, death, abuse….. hardcore.  But they are usually the films in which I find good lessons and they always help put life in perspective.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for a Meg Ryan or John Cusack movie with a happy ending.  Just that sometimes us chicks need a good cry, and if you are past due for a good cry just let me know and I will set you up with the perfect movie to purge all that stored up ick.    


“Things we Lost in the Fire” is a five tissue movie, quite literally maybe six or seven.  Raw, powerful, tragic, yet beautiful and full of lots of hope.  The tragedy  is in your face right from the beginning – death – addiction – very slow and deliberate it does not ever seem to cease. But through all the challenges these characters go through we see beautiful moments, moments of hope, moments of tenderness, of charity, of love…. it is a movie about being human and surviving thanks to the help of others (whose lives are equally as fucked up as your own).     


Accept the Good 


I am learning new things!


As you know I am new at blogging and the skill involved to do some of the geeky stuff.  I don’t do fancy complicated software and I certainly don’t code (we tried learning that this weekend, NOT),  that, among a long list of other things, is what I keep H around for.   I finally have a means of scaling pictures for my blog <<<happy dance>>> .   For the geeks out there I have an ever so basic knowledge of Gimp, I now know how to make pictures BIGGER and smaller, again <<<happy dance>>>.  In time I might even be able to do other creative things, but for now BIGGER and smaller is all I need to know…..   So, FYI, I may go back and edit some of the earlier posts to enlarge the photos so that you may enjoy my awesome photographic talent captured with my obsolete first generation 1.3 mega-pixel digital camera*. <<wink>>  

Thank you babe for being so supportive of my blog, the current flavor of the week!    


*And yes brother of mine that is the same Sony camera hanging on by a thread to remain useful in this world, it has held up well and still has life left in it, I do not plan on retiring it any time soon.  

We had the Easter Bunny for Breakfast



 A Complete Breakfast

It was proclaimed that we MUST have something symbolic of Easter for breakfast on Sunday morning.  We may be vegetarians, but we can still eat bunnies, well, that is bunny shaped pancakes with chocolate chips (yum yum).  And for those curious ones, no, that’s SOY breakfast sausage, not half bad and not nearly as greasy as the pork ones.   After breakfast we played UNO by the fireplace.   We each won a game, it was a good morning.

The infamous One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater!


ppe-1.jpg     eppe2.jpg       eppe3.jpg

All Hail the great monster!

I would like to add a few more adornments to this fellow (maybe some talons or arms, a heart on it’s chest, a topper on the tip of the horn), however, the 7 year old girl whom it now belongs to wants it to stay exactly the way it is….. so I guess that means it is finished.  What makes it so perfect?  Why the eye of course!  I have a mess of these antique buttons that were my Grandmother’s.  I was pawing through the tins of them and found a dozen or so of these perfect shell and copper buttons, I mean really pefect.   It was suggested to me that I perfect his purpleness and sell them on-line, what do you think?  Is there really a market for OEOHFPPEs?           

side note, because it does not have any appendages other than wings it does not sit up very well, hence the bowl, but it was not created for sitting, it was created for hugging and it gets plenty cuddle time. It is adorable if I do say so myself. 

Enlightenment at home

  • fire.jpg

For almost every day of the week I have a special ritual.  Monday night is Chick Flick Night <see earlier posts>.   Tuesdays, aaaahhhhh Tuesdays…. I truly love and do not know what I would do without my special Tuesday nights.  Yoga at home with my other half, the cat and our very good friend/yoga teacher.  (Yes, she makes house calls, it is called private instruction, thank you!)  Since the roof and the chimney have finally been fixed we have taken to having a fire on yoga nights.   Good friends together, honoring and nurturing our bodies and minds, stimulating conversation, ambiance…. I am so fortunate to be so spoiled. 

  • yoga-mat-fire.jpg  View from my yoga mat, we let our “guest” the teacher sit up front on the shaggy tan rug.  That is where I like to lay on weekends when I read between loads of laundry.  This past weekend we played scrabble in front of the fire, it was so cozy!

technical difficulties


This post should have been up last night, but I was having a disagreement with the blogging software.  to be specific I could not get the pictures I uploaded to lay out all nice nice the way I set them in the Blog…..  I managed finally to get them somewhat in the format I had imagined, so much for posts with multiple pics….. 

Tuesday March 18, 2008 5:30pm.  Well spring is finally trying to arrive here in New England. How do I know?  Well not from the weather forecast (it is supposed to snow overnight), no, there are signs….  

  •  white-crocus.jpg

      White Crocus peeking out of the leaves


      •  croci.jpg

      Purple ones too! (looks like they need to be split this year)


      •  tulip.jpg           tulip-cluster.jpg

      Tulips are also starting to make an appearance


      •  daffodils.jpg

      Daffodils should start blooming soon!


      •  budding-king.jpg

      And even the Redwood Tree that we planted this past summer (affectionately known as King Leonidas, AKA King Leo, from the “300” movie) has budded!  If you look closely you can see his little buds.  Yeah! He made it through the horrible winter we had <<<happy dance>>>.      

      No Photo tonite


      Short post and apologies, no photo tonight.  Mondays it is usually “chick flick nite” in my house.  When I settle down in my jammies with take out and a good girly DVD <<tear>>.  Tonite though I was just too damn lazy to go thru the ritual of the video store, take out etc….  I plan instead to settle down with some incredible carrot cake (from a local Natural/Organic Market), a cup of tea and the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer : The Long Way Home #1” Graphic novel/Comic book.  I am a HUGE “Buffy” fan and this series of comics picks up where the TV series left off.  (For those of you who are fans it picks up slightly after the big hole in the ground where Sunnydale used to be).  It is written by Joss Whedon and illustrated by Georges Jeanty.  It is my first experience reading this sort of style/format.  It is incredibly funny, true to the series, and has incredible, I mean really incredible artwork. Anyway, even though there is no movie it is still chick nite here because me, Buffy and her posse have a date in ten minutes.  For those of you actually following this blog I do have a followup to the “fuzzy eggplant” post, BUT I gotta take a pic in order to document it’s progress properly.  Also a few more knitting projects underway that I will try to also post this week.  Will have a new chick flick movie review next week.  Erin go Bragh!Happy St. Patty’s Day …yum yum carrot cake here I come :-p