No Photo tonite


Short post and apologies, no photo tonight.  Mondays it is usually “chick flick nite” in my house.  When I settle down in my jammies with take out and a good girly DVD <<tear>>.  Tonite though I was just too damn lazy to go thru the ritual of the video store, take out etc….  I plan instead to settle down with some incredible carrot cake (from a local Natural/Organic Market), a cup of tea and the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer : The Long Way Home #1” Graphic novel/Comic book.  I am a HUGE “Buffy” fan and this series of comics picks up where the TV series left off.  (For those of you who are fans it picks up slightly after the big hole in the ground where Sunnydale used to be).  It is written by Joss Whedon and illustrated by Georges Jeanty.  It is my first experience reading this sort of style/format.  It is incredibly funny, true to the series, and has incredible, I mean really incredible artwork. Anyway, even though there is no movie it is still chick nite here because me, Buffy and her posse have a date in ten minutes.  For those of you actually following this blog I do have a followup to the “fuzzy eggplant” post, BUT I gotta take a pic in order to document it’s progress properly.  Also a few more knitting projects underway that I will try to also post this week.  Will have a new chick flick movie review next week.  Erin go Bragh!Happy St. Patty’s Day …yum yum carrot cake here I come :-p 


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