Enlightenment at home

  • fire.jpg

For almost every day of the week I have a special ritual.  Monday night is Chick Flick Night <see earlier posts>.   Tuesdays, aaaahhhhh Tuesdays…. I truly love and do not know what I would do without my special Tuesday nights.  Yoga at home with my other half, the cat and our very good friend/yoga teacher.  (Yes, she makes house calls, it is called private instruction, thank you!)  Since the roof and the chimney have finally been fixed we have taken to having a fire on yoga nights.   Good friends together, honoring and nurturing our bodies and minds, stimulating conversation, ambiance…. I am so fortunate to be so spoiled. 

  • yoga-mat-fire.jpg  View from my yoga mat, we let our “guest” the teacher sit up front on the shaggy tan rug.  That is where I like to lay on weekends when I read between loads of laundry.  This past weekend we played scrabble in front of the fire, it was so cozy!

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