technical difficulties


This post should have been up last night, but I was having a disagreement with the blogging software.  to be specific I could not get the pictures I uploaded to lay out all nice nice the way I set them in the Blog…..  I managed finally to get them somewhat in the format I had imagined, so much for posts with multiple pics….. 

Tuesday March 18, 2008 5:30pm.  Well spring is finally trying to arrive here in New England. How do I know?  Well not from the weather forecast (it is supposed to snow overnight), no, there are signs….  

  •  white-crocus.jpg

      White Crocus peeking out of the leaves


      •  croci.jpg

      Purple ones too! (looks like they need to be split this year)


      •  tulip.jpg           tulip-cluster.jpg

      Tulips are also starting to make an appearance


      •  daffodils.jpg

      Daffodils should start blooming soon!


      •  budding-king.jpg

      And even the Redwood Tree that we planted this past summer (affectionately known as King Leonidas, AKA King Leo, from the “300” movie) has budded!  If you look closely you can see his little buds.  Yeah! He made it through the horrible winter we had <<<happy dance>>>.      


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