The infamous One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater!


ppe-1.jpg     eppe2.jpg       eppe3.jpg

All Hail the great monster!

I would like to add a few more adornments to this fellow (maybe some talons or arms, a heart on it’s chest, a topper on the tip of the horn), however, the 7 year old girl whom it now belongs to wants it to stay exactly the way it is….. so I guess that means it is finished.  What makes it so perfect?  Why the eye of course!  I have a mess of these antique buttons that were my Grandmother’s.  I was pawing through the tins of them and found a dozen or so of these perfect shell and copper buttons, I mean really pefect.   It was suggested to me that I perfect his purpleness and sell them on-line, what do you think?  Is there really a market for OEOHFPPEs?           

side note, because it does not have any appendages other than wings it does not sit up very well, hence the bowl, but it was not created for sitting, it was created for hugging and it gets plenty cuddle time. It is adorable if I do say so myself. 


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  1. Grandma would be so happy to see her things being used. She used all these odd things for toys and doll clothes for me. Aunt Alba would bring all sorts of goodies home from work and send them to Ca to Grandma. Glad you have her creative touch. I did not inherit those genes.

  2. hey there this little thing is great, you can actually get these toys (somewhere) , proper plush ones, i think yours are lovely, i am in UK and have had a scout round on ebay and elsewhere and personally i would love it if you were to make a batch of these toys to sell on! there may only be a small demand for them but nevertheless there is definitely A demand! good luck, thankyou!

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