I am learning new things!


As you know I am new at blogging and the skill involved to do some of the geeky stuff.  I don’t do fancy complicated software and I certainly don’t code (we tried learning that this weekend, NOT),  that, among a long list of other things, is what I keep H around for.   I finally have a means of scaling pictures for my blog <<<happy dance>>> .   For the geeks out there I have an ever so basic knowledge of Gimp, I now know how to make pictures BIGGER and smaller, again <<<happy dance>>>.  In time I might even be able to do other creative things, but for now BIGGER and smaller is all I need to know…..   So, FYI, I may go back and edit some of the earlier posts to enlarge the photos so that you may enjoy my awesome photographic talent captured with my obsolete first generation 1.3 mega-pixel digital camera*. <<wink>>  

Thank you babe for being so supportive of my blog, the current flavor of the week!    


*And yes brother of mine that is the same Sony camera hanging on by a thread to remain useful in this world, it has held up well and still has life left in it, I do not plan on retiring it any time soon.  


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