More beautiful than rubies….



For those of you who want the recipe for my soup…. the secret to this particular soup is the Spanish Thyme from the health food store that I had hiding in my spice cabinet.  

Very simple comfort food here is the recipe…..

Not shown in picture – carrots, celery, onion, garlic, parsley, EVOO,

salt & fresh ground pepper, a bit of paprika.  

What?  You actually expected measurements and a recipe from me?  

Ha, I am so sorry this soup, like most everything that I make, was off the cuff.  

My food is a labor of love, not precisely followed formulas.   

I have a BIG pot of the stuff, but It is not going to last too long. If you want some you best get in touch with me over the next couple of days while it is still fresh, I have enough to share.      

(oooohhhh and I have about a cup and a half of lentils left too!)

I enjoyed it with these massive green olives and toasted cheesey feta bread from the middle eastern market where I impulsively bought the gorgeous lentils.  Sometimes my impulsiveness is a good call. 



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