Visualizing a Greener World


Our new friend is watching over the flower bed and bringing warm, loving and nurturing energy to the gardens.  I am always anxious this time of year to get my fingers in the cool fresh spring soil.  I am beginning to calculate my first trip to the nursery— this year definitely ornamental grasses.  Those really tall ones that bloom deep red, almost black.  I am also hoping to save for a weeping pine or dwarf japanese maple, hhhuuuummmm where would it go?  I visualize more peonies and maybe even some dahlias (although they need to get dug up  and stored before each winter in this zone).  We have also been talking about planting some bamboo, though many varieties are highly invasive (bad – not what we want) so I can at least start to research what is practical for us here in New England.    

We are expecting 10 white pine saplings in the mail soon from the Arbor Day Foundation – – Did you know that when you become a member of the Arbor Day Foundation they send you ten free trees?  Really! And you even get to choose from a wide variety of trees – flowering or evergreen.  We all seem to be talking about and trying to be more environmentally conscious these days, call it being “green” or “reducing your carbon footprint”, what better way of being “green” than getting outside, nurturing the earth and planting some more trees!   Happy gardening everybody!        



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