Chick Flick Nite has been pushed back…..


Due to schedule changes in my life Chick Flick Nite has been moved to tomorrow, Wednesday.  The DVD feature will be the multiple award nominated and Golden Globe winner for Best Picture acclaimed love story “Atonement“. I hope that it lives up to all the hype. I plan on enjoying it with a few girl scout cookies 🙂 Check in late tomorrow night for my review.      

As well I have a number of older girly movies hanging out on the TIVO. If I get the chance I will try to write mini reviews on them as I have watched them.    

I recently watched a few on TIVO that I can recommend, but no time for detailed reviews:

Bounce (Gweneth Paltrow & Ben Affleck)  This one will make you cry for sure 4 tissues

Kate & Leopold (Meg Ryan & Hugh Jackman) This is a light one, not sad. 1/2 tissue

Grosse Pointe Blank (John Cusack & Minnie Driver) This is a hilarious movie, especially for those of us whose high school years were in the eighties.  3 tissues just because you are going to laugh so hard!

Serendipity (also John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale) It has a happy ending, but the movie takes you the range of emotions, 2.5 tissues.  

Now I know you are probably wondering how in the hell I have time to watch so many movies, simply put I multitask.  It may not be very buddhist but spend my time folding laundry in the bedroom with a movie playing (four loads can take quite a bit of time to sort, hang and fold).  TIVO is great I can pick out what I want to record weeks in advance and save it as long as I want.  I can also set “favorites” & “wish-lists”  like “Meg Ryan”or “John Cusack”.  TIVO has changed the way we watch TV.    We are such a immediate gratification generation.  


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