Root Beer Floats Cure Everything.


So today I really needed to spoil myself.  I have that headache again that just will not go away.  So on my way home I picked up some vanilla HagenDaz and IBC Root Beer to make myself a Float.  Because Root Beer Floats are the cure for everything.  (And no the GS cookies are not gone yet I am just pacing myself)

Preparation was very buddhist, very in the moment, very deliberate, attention to every detail.  The glass was frosted in the freezer ahead of time.  The ice cream was removed from the freezer ahead of time for easy scooping.  Spoon and Straw were laid out with a cloth napkin.  And then came the moment….

Frosted glass removed from the freezer, Hagen Daz seal cracked, two perfect creamy ivory round scoops placed in the glass, root beer cap removed <<pop>><<fizz>>, and then the slow deliberate pour into the glass……. creamy foam rising up the sides of the glass, a mix of both creamy vanilla and sweet effervescent root beer, aaahhhhh then the moment when you can fill the glass no more, you must find a way to remove some of that sweet foam before it over flows……I put down the bottle, close my eyes and lean into the counter pursing my lips just on the edge of the frosty glass, oh it smells so good I thought, the moment of glory was about to be mine, long inhale of foam, <<<<cough>>> <<<gasp>>> <<<spit>>>.  

Diet Soda.  I bought diet soda.  I hate fucking diet soda.  Not even the Hagen Daz could redeem the mess in my frosty glass impersonating a Float.  I think this moment was even more tragic than Atonement.

Anyone care to join me at Ronnie’s* tomorrow around 5pm?


*local fish fry shack and homemade ice cream stand 




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