I am frightened and sad.




AKA, my elderly kitty, now around 17 years old (+/-), is going to the Vet tomorrow.

A couple weeks back I discovered a lump in her belly adjacent/under one of her nipples.  Since that time the mass has increased in size and has started weeping.

In anticipation of our trip tomorrow I have done some research.  I find out tomorrow if my fears are a reality.  

Not being a professional trained in veterinary medicine, but being a concerned “mommy” having the resources of the Internet at my fingertips I have unofficially pre-diagnosed her with a Feline Mammary Tumor (the cats version of breast cancer).

If I am correct her prognosis is not good given her age and the size of the tumor, that is getting larger by the day.  

I am bracing myself because a number of years ago I lost her twin brother Pocus very quickly to diabetes, the silent killer.  Within a month of his being diagnosed he was euthanized, his liver, kidneys had shut down.  It was a quite a loss to both Hocus & I, and it has just been me & her ever since.

Hocus’ personality did a 180 degree turn after Poke left us.  She went from being the standoffish type, not coming up onto your lap unless invited with a pat, and kinda doing her own thing off in the other room TO being the most affectionate cat in the world.  We often joke now how she molests everyone who walks through my door.  She will follow you from room to room as if she were your shadow, she sleeps faithfully on the bed at your feet every night and you do not even have to actively pet her, you  can just hold your had out and she will take total advantage of it.    

She was always in the shadow of her brother when he was around, but her and I have really bonded the past few years.  I know that she is getting old, and that it is inevitable, that like all life forms, one day she,  like all of us will be gone, but I had hoped to have a little more time with her.  She really is a wonderful companion.  

I hope that I am wrong about my research, but I am glad that I am prepared for the “worse case scenario”.  I would rather get my crying over with tonight and be strong tomorrow than be completely shocked and meltdown in the vet’s office before having to go to work.

Keep Hocus in your thoughts and send us good energy for our visit tomorrow.

For simple information about Feline Mammary Tumors see the following link, or google the term. http://www.marvistavet.com/html/mammary_cancer_in_cats.html

I will post tomorrow evening about our visit with Vet.





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  1. Good luck tomorrow Hocus. Dukey, Ian and Shasta will be channeling good thoughts your way.

    I will say a prayer for your Mom. (This brings back memories of Truck.)

    Love to you both.

    Duke,Ian, Shasta, Mom & Ken

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