Chick Flick Nite: I don’t get it! No rating.


Sweeney Todd

I just don’t get Musicals, even with Johnny Depp

Not  since being in the 5th grade have I enjoyed watching musicals.  It was then that I watched “Grease” over and over and over again.  I think I lost count at 36 or 37 times.

Well, OK I take it back, Does “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” count?  I spent a countless number of Friday and Saturday mid-nights at the local theatre (next town over) brandishing a water pistol and throwing toast, singing and dancing the “Time Warp”….  Oh and maybe that “Buffy” episode, “Once More with Feeling” <<a weak moment>> but oh so humorous. 

I have never seen the classics or at least don’t ever remember seeing, “Oklahoma”, “The Sound of Music”, “West Side Story”.  And although I hear it is quite the chick flick I have not yet subjected myself to “Hairspray”.  Sure when I was a kid I enjoyed “Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang” and “Mary Poppins”, didn’t most of us?

But I think it takes a certain kind of personality to continue enjoying Musicals into adulthood.  I am way to cynical and jaded to open myself up and be vulnerable to them these days.  They tend to grade on me like country music does, twang-twang-twang. (No offense to those loved ones who enjoy country music, gangsta-rap probably grades on you the way country does on me, understand? To each their own)      

Only the genius Tim Burton, casting Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter could get me to entertain the thought of subjecting myself such nasties.  I doubt though that Sondheim had the humor of Joss Whedon, but Burton is a dark enough individual to maybe resurrect the musical for me.  .

I thought that the morbid subject would over-ride the music.  No such luck.  I thought maybe that Burton would have taken some liberties with the music (NOT).  Again, not.   It took over an hour to get interesting to me, death & pie-making, and by then it was too late (I was already bored and blogging this entry).   

I understand the irony, but I guess I don’t find the humor in it all.   With all due respect to Mr. Burton I I will forgive him his creative artistry and not rate this film and  as well for wasting nearly two hours of my life. (Yes, I watched the whole awful thing).

If you are looking for a dark “black” comedy try: “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Fargo”, or “Pulp Fiction”.  Although music may be an important part of the film, the music is not nearly as annoying as the musical genre.     




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