(late post this should have gone up on friday but got posted to my drafts folder by mistake)

sleeping kitty

Being at the Vet all day is a bummer! Whoa am I beat!

Tests for the tumor on Hocus’ belly came back positive for cancer, so Hocus had her full body x-rays yesterday.  The good news is that her cancer has not appeared to have spread to her lungs or other parts of her body! <<<Happy dance for Hocus>>>  There is still a strong possibility that it may have spread to the lymph nodes, unfortunately x-rays are not good at detecting spread to the nodes.  She is scheduled for surgery on the 28th of May.  They will take the tumor off, just the tumor and see how she does from there.  We will not do a radical mastectomy, the vet recommended against it because of her age, old lady that she is.

As you can see she is beat.  Her and I hung out in the sun yesterday afternoon, I with a good book (Dante Valentine series: Dead Man Rising by Lilith Saintcrow ) and her with a wad of catnip……nap. Oh my geriatric kitty.    



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