I saw one of these today….


Baby Blue Ford Pinto Squire Station Wagon

A few teenagers were cruisin’ main street all cool in the old ford.  It was in mint condition.  I bet they inherited it from grandma with an original 26K miles on it!

Speaking of grandma’s I met also a feisty “young” lady in her late eighties who drove one of these……

No shit! 

When I complimented her on her car she said all cool and I quote “It’s just a hunk of metal“.  I then watched her fold up her walker, put it in the trunk, and drive away. Damn you go Grandma!




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  1. That was the car your Dad bought for me when we moved to California in 1977.Mine was white. I drove it back cross country when you moved back to New Jersey. I use to change the oil, spark plugs and belts myself. Those were the simpler days, no computers under the hoods, just wires.Lucky kids, but maintaining it must be hell now.

    The mustang is great!

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