It’s Alive


Three Eyed Three Horned Flying Hot Pink Hot Tamale Eater…..

Unlike my post the other day these pics do the hot pink “watermelon” color justice!  Quite vivid!

This guy has a lot more butt than the OEOHFPPE, it can stand up on it’s own!

I am in the process of designing wings, and hope to have it’s three eyes, a tail and hair on it by the end of the day.  I am thinking green hair and purple wings.  As well I plan on making legs/feet, well, maybe, we’ll see.

I think I overstuffed it a bit, it seems to be bursting at the seams.  I hope that over time and usage it will relax a little.  My stitches are getting better, more uniform, but I can still see many imperfections that I’ll have to work on (I tried to hide them all in the pics).

Maybe after a few more trial runs for friends & family I can perfect my stitching.  It keeps getting suggested to me that I sell my creatures/monsters.  It is a good idea, but stitching them well enough to sell seems like a lot of pressure.     

Stay posted for more news on the metamorphosis of the TETHFHPHTE.       




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