Diary of one sick chick


Last week I had a nasty ear ache and thought I had an ear infection, but it cleared up on it’s own without treatment.  Just thought is was an after affect of the first round of the plague……..  

Saturday I was so exhausted.  I dragged myself around all day.  Finally around dinner time I felt so tired I had to lay down to take a nap…… ended up getting almost 12 hours sleep.  

Monday night was sleepless with a nasty sore throat that lasted into Tuesday.

Tuesday night mid yoga my head suddenly filled up with fluid and my nose has not stopped running since.  

Wednesday, yesterday, I went home early from work with the ick.  Did not want to expose my colleagues to my germs.  

I called in sick today.  No fever, but the damn nose will not stop running!!! I have zero energy.  And am bored silly.  Daytime TV sucks, but I am too tired to read or be on-line.  I hope to get some good solid sleep tonight and drag my ass to work tomorrow, even if it is for only a portion of the day, I don’t want to fall too far behind.  

Oh, and the generous loving partner that I am I shared it with H! That’s what love is all about, we share everything.  He called a little while ago to say that he’s feeling the start of it again.  

Not that there is ever a good time to be sick, but it figures that we would get the plague redux just in time for the holiday weekend.  

I don’t know what this virus is, but it is inconvenient, nasty and just as misery inducing the second time around.    


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