I am leaving on a jet plane


I am leaving tomorrow morning for Atlanta GA until late Tuesday for a conference for work, ” The National Conference on Volunteerism and Service”. Yippee <<insert sarcasm here>>

I really am not looking forward to going, and with the week I had I am not organized at all.  And for those who know me, I am NOT a southern gal at all.  Georgia is not my ideal travel destination.  

However the distance and distraction may be good for me right now.  I have found in the past 24 hours that I have to learn to live completely alone  for the first time in the apartment, how to live without a cat on the couch with me when watching TV, sleeping at the foot of the bed, fighting with me for attention when I read my book, scoot her off my suitcase because I have to pack for my trip,  etc… it is very quiet here, Hocus was such a chatty little lady.

There are benefits (sadly), I can lay my clothes out and not have to worry about her sleeping on them.  I don’t have to worry about her while I am away at the conference.  I can stay out after work and not have to rush home to feed her.  I don’t have the responsibility of having a pet.    

But after 16 years of having another being living with me, giving me unconditional love, always present, never complaining, it is quite odd, eerily quiet and the adjustment is going to be an emotional challenge.

Hocus will be cremated and her ashes will be returned to me, so that she will be with her brother Pocus who was also cremated.  I am trying to work out their final resting place, and have a few ideas that I will share in time.    

I hope to be in better emotional space when I return from Atlanta and plan to post a little “tribute” page to Hocus and her brother Pocus.  (I am not a crazy cat lady if I do a tribute page am I?)

See you all next week, all my love.



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