Compelled to Serve


I confess, I am a crazy cat lady at heart….


I packed up some of the cat paraphernalia I had all around the apartment, cat food, new litter, treats, bowls, etc….  I found a local cat shelter that will gladly take donations of any kind – the Community Cat Connection “CCC” in Webster, Massachusetts.  When I dropped these items off they said that they will even take Hocus’ crate, beds & litter pan (I plan on scrubbing them clean this weekend). 


I spent a considerable amount of time at the CCC.  It is non-profit, completely run on private donations and totally volunteer driven.  There are cats & kittens running around and sleeping everywhere in the place…. rescued kittens so young that they still need to be bottle-fed, ferrals that are being spayed/neutered and rehabilitated, abused and neglected cats & kittens, all shapes-colors and sizes.  When they are at capacity they even accept cats & kittens who are then fostered in volunteers’ homes until they can be adopted….  She told me some really awful stories about the reasons behind some of their arriving at the shelter and  to balance it out  some amazing success stories about others who have moved on to “forever loving homes”.       


I am still struggling with the emptiness of the apartment.  I had yet another breakdown when I got home last night.  It seems every time I walk through that damn door I lose it.    The apartment is just so incredibly empty now without my friend. 

Now I know what you all are thinking and NO I did not come home with a cat or a kitten. 

I am still too raw.  Hocus cannot just be “replaced” by another life. I need to give myself some time to grieve and adapt.  I am in no position at the moment to make the huge commitment to an animal that was traumatized.   


But I can still get my kitty fix….I am going to be a Volunteer for the CCC.  I have a set of professional skills that can benefit the organization (grant writing, fundraising, volunteer recruitment & coordination, event planning, public speaking), I am Level I Reiki and cats especially love Reiki especially when they are not feeling well, and most importantly scooping poop does not phase me one bit.  


I have a philanthropic soul and have been searching for a volunteer activity that would be not only helpful to an organization, but also be fulfilling and fun.  For the past couple of years I have been doing regular volunteer work for a few different organizations, but all of them have felt like a chore or penance each time I have to go to my assignment. The other day at the CCC I felt very at home when I walked through the door and instantly knew I wanted to help them out more than just the donation of supplies.  The organization benefits, the kitties benefit and I benefit.  It appears to be a win-win-win situation.


<<Note, I am all proud of myself too, I embedded the link to the shelter in the photo, just click on the photo below and it will take you to their website.  happy geek dance>>



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  1. Good for you. You will find it very rewarding as the cats are so appreciative of anything you do for them. I loved my time spent at Flock. The only problem was I always found someone I wanted to take home.This is a perfect fit.
    Meow from Duke,Ian & Shasta

  2. I know what’s its like to lose a cat. I still remember the ones that I have lost. I have a great one now, Mochi. Great companion to my other pets. Hang in there. And animals love reiki. 🙂

  3. I am so proud of you.. what a gift you are to us all, and now the CCC. What lucky kitties to receive Reiki from you!

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