Three Eyed Three Horned Flying Hot Pink Hot Tamale Eater



It is complete and ready to fly over to a special young lady for her June Birthday!



I started a lime green creature on my trip to Atlanta.  Yes, I did manage to get my knitting needles through TSA Security.  My advice to traveling knitters is to carry bamboo needles with point stoppers on them (see the TSA website).  As well it is best to also have a self addressed stamped manilla envelope ready just in case they don’t let you carry them onboard the plane (also on the TSA website), I weighed all my yarn an needles at home to be sure it would make a safe return to me, this way you won’t lose your work, you can just mail your work back to yourself.   I didn’t even think about attempting to get scissors on the plane, just borrowed some from the hotel when I got to Atlanta.

So, the new lime green guy’s body is nearly at the stuffing stage.  I am sure having a lot of fun whipping out these creative little creatures!


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