Cat Hunting Cat Hunting Chipmunks


 This is Boo (my other half’s cat).  Look closely.

Putting it mildly, Boo is quite a territorial feline. (bad ass kitty) Although Boo is an indoor cat she protects us from any other animals, and sometimes people, that come near the house. A week or two back Boo actually chased a cat up a tree from inside the house.  She has also scared a grown man and his German Shepherd back down the driveway and into their car. 

Do you see who Boo is hunting?



She is hunting the cat from next door “Alice” AKA “Smokey”, who is laying camouflaged amongst the lillys hunting the chipmunks eating the seed underneath the bird feeder. 


After a hiatus I am glad to announce that Monday Chick Flick Nite has returned.  Look later tonight or tomorrow for my latest review.


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