Time for me to gloat a little….


5 Day Weekend!

It is 5pm EST and I do not have to be back at work until Monday 8am!  Yes, I have a 5 day weekend! <<<Happy Dance>>>

Not sure what I am going to to with all this time, I have no definite plans.  I am most certainly going to snap some pictures, blog, garden, knit, read, and have a little me time.  I am obligated to do the dreaded dress shopping ritual for a wedding at the end of the month.  Will drop by the Cat Shelter to firm up my Volunteering.  Might pop away from town for an overnight somewhere too.

I have not had time off in a long time so I don’t really care where I am and what I am doing; what matters is I don’t have to work or be the boss for a few days!  

Stay tuned for posts detailing my exciting 5 day weekend (ha-ha-ha)

Yippee, it is 92 degrees, I am sweating just being, and I am off to yoga class now.  Good news is maybe I’ll be 5 pounds lighter after it is over.



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