Technical Difficulties, late post….the media I was trying to embed into this post was not cooperating


Getting away, even it was for just an overnight was just what we needed….

Once we checked into Porches it was painful to leave, even for food…

This was my tub in the room!  I am a sucker for a claw-foot.

The whole property was pristine, with manicured gardens too.  I have got to get me a few of these massive globe onions for our gardens!

On Friday (my birthday) we went to the largest museum in the world (Yes-in little ole North Adams Massachusetts) Mass MoCA.  I love this place!  If you are into contemporary art visiting North Adams is a must!  The installations and exhibits change pretty regularly (annually?), so it is never the same place twice!

The majority of the downstairs of the museum was an exhibition entitled “Badlands”.  

Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape, opening Sunday, May 25, 2008, at MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) in North Adams, opens the next chapter in the landscape tradition, addressing contemporary ideas of exploration, population of the wilderness, land usage, environmental politics and the relativity of aesthetic beauty. Badlands comes at this critical time, an era when the world is more ecologically aware yet more desperately in need of solutions than ever before. The artists in this exhibition share this collective anxiety  some turn to the past to see how their predecessors negotiated the terrain of the landscape while some propose entirely new ideas. While deeply aware of the legacy of the landscape, each of these artist reinvents the genre to produce works that look beyond vast beauty to address current environmental issues.       

One artist had these awesome biospheres….

Vaughn Bell’s Personal Biospheres which give gallery visitors their own miniature landscapes to experience by popping their head into Plexiglas domes filled with small working ecosystems. Bell’s new custom biospheres forBadlands will be based on the landscape of North Adams. 

It was really cool inside the biosphere.  The air is so fresh and clean inside.  

Another part of the badlands exhibit was photographs from the Center of Land use Interpretation.  Check out their website it is really cool and interesting.  

There was also this amazing installation in the large, very large (nearly football field sized) room upstairs.  The best way to describe it is to show you…. Imagine sitting in a 12 foot in diameter bean bag chair watching this….. go here (sorry for whatever reason I was unable to embed the video, I think it might be the free blog thing)  The Jenny Holzer installation was really awesome (if you get into that sort of thing)

After the MoCA we shopped til we dropped and meandered home via Route 2, which follows a portion of the Mohawk Trail.  And at last… I did get to dip my tootsies in the Deerfield River!

Happy Birthday to me!


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