Mossy Goodness


Trash to Treasure

This large glass bowl had pine cones in it that were probably over thirty years old.  We  picked the pine cones out of the yard when we were kids and my Grandmother had it in her apartment for all those decades  since we gave it to her.  When she died I took it with fond memories and kept it pine cones and all.  Last weekend I finally pitched the pine cones (surprisingly they were still intact),  cleaned the bowl (it needed a thorough soaking and put it in the “donate/yard sale” pile.  I kept looking at it and looking at it…… I really did not need it, but I thought it could be useful for something creative & fun.

I made my own biosphere….

All the plants and moss came right from the yard.  Buddha seems to be happy in there with all the moss and I think he might have a few earthworm friends in there too.  It is outside on the patio in the shade and appears to be thriving since I spray it down twice a day with water.  Not sure what I am going to do with it come winter…. might have to take it into the office (ee-gads I already have too much plantlife there).


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