Break out the streamers and champagne.  Call the New York Times and CNN.  Declare a Public Federal Holiday.  Call the Guinness Book of World Records…..

I did not expect this to happen until the weekend, but…….

Not quite what was going on today in BlogLand, but my blog got a lot of hits today (like over 20), pushing my all time number of hits to date over 1000! 1007 at this moment in time to be precise.  I thought I might celebrate by thanking you all for your curiosity, support and goofing off at work by toasting to you with a icey cold Harpoon Summer Brew, complete with a large wedge of lemon, yummy and refreshing on a hot day like today.

I watch my blog stats almost compulsively.  I think it is really cool to keep track of what pages get the most hits, and especially how people find me thru the search engines.  Sometimes I think I go a little crazy with the “tags”, but let me tell you people hit them by doing searches on some pretty strange things.  I think the “one eyed one horned flying purple people eater” tag gets the most hits, second to that is the “chick flicks” (speaking of which I promise I will get back to my tissues reviews some time very soon).   

So heres’ to you, my friends, family, fans and strangers for helping me break the first thousand hits mark and making my little blog a success (at least in my feeble little world)!

P.S. (Shameless Plug)

– If you have not figured it out yet, you can now go to my “About” page and read the ever so interesting and captivating “Some odd number of things about me”.  It is a work in progress, haven’t quite hit the 100 mark yet (hence the “some odd”), but I am adding to it regularly.  You should try it some day, try writing 100 or more ‘interesting’ facts about yourself (that you are willing to make public – wink-wink), it’s pretty damn hard.


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