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Mushrooms Part 2 – (melting in the yard)


Don’t eat the mushrooms

This is what the yard looks like…..

LIke I said they are pretty in the woods, but not all over the yard!

This is what we have to look forward to if we don’t get out there to pluck ’em up! YUCK!

Guess we are going to have to get out to do some yard work today before things get more out of control than they already are.


“Happy Dance” …..It finally stopped raining!


Don’t Eat the Mushrooms

It has been raining a lot here.  Massive thunderstorms with high winds, eardrum blowing thunder, damaging lightening (that blew out our land line phone and we still have yet to call to get repaired) and we have gotten inches and inches of rain. The type of storms that you gasp at when you see the radar. It feels like it has rained almost the entire summer away here in New England!   We were getting ready to build an Ark!

Post Rain: Now these beauties are all over the woods and, unfortunately, the yard.  They are awfully pretty in the woods.  My camera just did not do them justice (red caps).  I love the way they just push everything out of their way when they explode out of the earth.  They are like little hatching monsters. But in the yard, if you don’t pull them up in time they putrefy into a thick black smelly fungi sludge (see coming pictures in tomorrow’s post, Yucky-ick-eeewwwwe)

Also thanks to the rain I had to fight the pterodactyl sized mosquitoes to snap these pics.  By the time I got back into the house I had been eaten alive. I am itchy again just thinking about it.  

It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend without a drop of rain! Happy Dance, wiggle wiggle wiggle.

If I only had opposable thumbs I could help put all this stuff away


Guess how I am spending my weekend?

My goal this week was to stop by the apartment every day and move a few things.  So, in the pouring rain all week we moved a whole bunch of my stuff.  Now the fun part, sorting it all out and finding a home for it here at the house.  Luckily some of it has been already put away.

This is supposed to be exciting, but I am so overwhelmed at this point.   I want to join Boo, take refuge and take a long cozy quiet nap.

But if they put all this stuff away where will I nap? 

Guess it’s time to stop procrastinating…..

Oh and I forgot to tell you….We were notified by the town yesterday that we have e-coli in the water (icky- ick-ick).  Authorities state the water ban probably won’t be lifted until Monday!  Fun weekend, so in between unpacking boxes we are boiling H20.

40 things every woman should know by 40


I have been thinking a lot about this year….  A friend of mine, (considerably older than me), upon wishing me a Happy Birthday said (paraphrased), —The year after my 39th birthday was very significant.  I got a lot of loose ends tied up – moved forward into a more secure, self assured, relaxed life.  I really learned a lot, it was one of my most memorable years.—

I so started making a list of sorts of things that I feel every woman (you & me) should know/do by the time they reach their 40th year.  Not necessarily in order of importance, just in the order that my brain spit them out….. 

  1. How to laugh at yourself 
  2. How to say “NO” and mean it
  3. How to change a flat tire 
  4. How to check the fluids in your car
  5. How to switch out an outlet or light switch
  6. How to sever unhealthy relationships, whether it be spouse, friend, job, etc… 
  7. How to survive entirely on her own 
  8. How to save for up for retirement
  9. How to travel alone (safely)
  10. How to ride public transportation
  11. How to find and keep a great hairdresser
  12. How to set up / connect a TV-DVD – cable – stereo & speakers in any combination
  13. How to use basic tools: a drill, hammer, screwdriver, etc…
  14. How to do a self breast examine and do them regularly 
  15. Have a place you can go anytime to renew & refresh you body-mind-heart -and soul, even if it is just the library reading a juicy book, a bubble bath or having a cup of tea on a bench in the park, have an escape.   
  16. How to drive a standard -stick shift 
  17. How to jump start a car
  18. How to trouble shoot a computer
  19. Have a hobby, creative outlet or some sort of interest outside your family. 
  20. How to look in the mirror at yourself in all your naked glory and accept what you see.  
  21. How to love yourself despite your flaws (see number 13)
  22. And the discipline to do something about it if you don’t (see numbers 13 &14)
  23. How much is too much….. drinking, eating, caffeine, smoking, etc…
  24. How to reach something on the back of the top shelf of a grocery store
  25. Your patience limit, especially with children, and when to walk away
Ugh…. I have been writing this post for days now!  I wanted to reach 40  before posting (without entirely ripping off other lists out there on the web), and I am only  a little over half way there…. I need your help!  Post a comment with the things you feel are important for women (you & me) to know by your 40th year and I will add them to my list!  I know you sisters out there are full of wisdom…share it with us!
(Oh and let’s keep it clean, my parents read this, wink-wink)
Thanks Ladies! 
26.“Eat with chopsticks” on the lighter side – Roxanne
27. “Forgive” on the more serious side – Roxanne
28. “How to ask for help” -NK
29. “Have a set of clearly defined morals” -NK
30. “Know how to speak for yourself or anyone that can not” – NK
31. My mom always told me, “Self education is very important”. So, I develop the habit of observing and reflect on my acts, words, thoughts and results. -firenzegold
32. How to be succulent and sexy- anonymous

Garden Fresh Goodness!


Our friend Sue gave us some Basil fresh out of her garden.

I scrambled it up with some eggs, mushrooms, onion and tomato.                                                             Too bad I didn’t have any mozzarella 😦                                                                                                Yummy none the less! Thanks again!

BTW- I think the rest of the basil is going to be awesome on my Veggie Burger tonight! (Have to get me some mozzarella before dinner)

Moving from Attachment…….Relinquishment


Summoning Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles

In my process of taking inventory and purging I have found many lost memories….

  • Art Portfolios from High School and College.
  • Books and Books of poetry written between 1982 &1986 (ages 13 to 17)
  • Diaries also corresponding to the years above.
  • Love letters from the same time period.
  • Photos from my entire life (but lots & lots of them with 80’s BIG HAIR).
  • My kelley green shiny satin High School Band Jacket (circa 1985).
  • BIG trash bag full of stuffed animals
  • Blankets and baby clothes that are 39+years old 

…. Fortunate for me the time has come to reminisce on these items one last time and then say goodbye (with exception of the photos, only the ones that I actually remember the names of the people)……

So, yesterday during the rain (how apropos) I took a trip down memory lane…..

  •  I attended my Surprise Sweet 16 Birthday Party, thrown for me by a friend. Oh the controversy that caused in my life…. It was the day after I attended my Boyfriend’s Senior Prom, he was from a different school.  I ditched out on him and his friends who were going “down the shore” to go to this party that ended up being for me.   
  • Read an obscene amount of really bad, heart wrenching, sappy, forced poetry (if you want to call it that). Depicting how my daily life was a combination of Shakespeare tragedy, The “Breakfast Club”, Cinderella, “Heathers”,  and an Air Supply or Peter Gabriel song.
  • Ditto for the diaries.  Oh, I would never want to relive those days of newly acquired hormones and falling in and out of love (most of the time the other person never even know it), fighting with my best friend (again without them even knowing it), and loathing my parents (oh, but they knew it, didn’t they?).
  • Hugging stuffed toys (that were stained and smelled really horrible). 
  • I read love letters from a friend/boyfriend who graduated school a year early to  go off to college.  He was an artistic musical genius of sorts.  During that time we struggled with the emotions of whether we were going to try to endure a long distance relationship (at age 16/17).  Funny thing is now, I hear, he is no longer a man, but a woman, really.  I smiled as I read the letters, how we pined for one another, thinking about how different life is now twenty some odd years later.  If we only knew.  
  • Attended a few proms….. Oh, the BIG 80’s hair, I would have never survived without my Aqua Net and a curling iron. 
  • And again reading love letters from a boyfriend who sadly passed away a year or so back at the age young age of 35.
  • And so on, and so on and so on…..I am sure you all have had your moments of going down memory lane.

Most of the stuff was in one box, crammed together with a handful of beach sand, yes loose beach sand. Not quite sure what the sand was about, but it must have had some sort of sentimental attachment to it at some point in my life many many years ago.  I can only assume that the sand was contained when I originally placed it in the box, but one never knows.  Needless to say, everything was covered with grains of the stuff.

Despite the sand it was nice to relive these memories, seems like I do it once every decade, or when I move. I can look back on most of it now fondly, laugh at myself, and thank the powers that be that we, well at least most of us, mature.

As I have previously expressed I am at the point in my life, finally, that I need (and thankfully am emotionally able) to let go of most of this sentimental stuff.  As a good friend put it, I mean really, how many things do you really need to remember a person or certain times in our lives?  Do I need the diaries, the stuffed toys, the horribly ugly & smelly band jacket to have those memories remain in my head?  I think pictures alone would serve as the perfect activities director for time travel to memories of times past.  (And thankfully they are precise, compact and easy to store!)    

So off all it goes (except pictures) into the garbage heap in large hefty bags.  

To be honest, some of it hurts a little to let go of, but it only hurts because the memories are in the forefront of my mind, I have held the “it” again, and watch “it” go into the bag with all the other “its”. Attachment creates suffering.  Honestly, if I were to keep the stuff it would get packed away, AGAIN, and forgotten about for another ten years.  I have to remember that it is only “stuff” that I am letting go of.   It is not the memories attached to the “stuff”.  I have kept plenty of pictures to keep the memories alive when I feel nostalgic.   

Thanks be to Ganesha remover of obstacles.  No regrets.  It actually feels great to not be weighed down anymore.   Besides, I have to make room for today’s and tomorrow’s memories.