40 things every woman should know by 40


I have been thinking a lot about this year….  A friend of mine, (considerably older than me), upon wishing me a Happy Birthday said (paraphrased), —The year after my 39th birthday was very significant.  I got a lot of loose ends tied up – moved forward into a more secure, self assured, relaxed life.  I really learned a lot, it was one of my most memorable years.—

I so started making a list of sorts of things that I feel every woman (you & me) should know/do by the time they reach their 40th year.  Not necessarily in order of importance, just in the order that my brain spit them out….. 

  1. How to laugh at yourself 
  2. How to say “NO” and mean it
  3. How to change a flat tire 
  4. How to check the fluids in your car
  5. How to switch out an outlet or light switch
  6. How to sever unhealthy relationships, whether it be spouse, friend, job, etc… 
  7. How to survive entirely on her own 
  8. How to save for up for retirement
  9. How to travel alone (safely)
  10. How to ride public transportation
  11. How to find and keep a great hairdresser
  12. How to set up / connect a TV-DVD – cable – stereo & speakers in any combination
  13. How to use basic tools: a drill, hammer, screwdriver, etc…
  14. How to do a self breast examine and do them regularly 
  15. Have a place you can go anytime to renew & refresh you body-mind-heart -and soul, even if it is just the library reading a juicy book, a bubble bath or having a cup of tea on a bench in the park, have an escape.   
  16. How to drive a standard -stick shift 
  17. How to jump start a car
  18. How to trouble shoot a computer
  19. Have a hobby, creative outlet or some sort of interest outside your family. 
  20. How to look in the mirror at yourself in all your naked glory and accept what you see.  
  21. How to love yourself despite your flaws (see number 13)
  22. And the discipline to do something about it if you don’t (see numbers 13 &14)
  23. How much is too much….. drinking, eating, caffeine, smoking, etc…
  24. How to reach something on the back of the top shelf of a grocery store
  25. Your patience limit, especially with children, and when to walk away
Ugh…. I have been writing this post for days now!  I wanted to reach 40  before posting (without entirely ripping off other lists out there on the web), and I am only  a little over half way there…. I need your help!  Post a comment with the things you feel are important for women (you & me) to know by your 40th year and I will add them to my list!  I know you sisters out there are full of wisdom…share it with us!
(Oh and let’s keep it clean, my parents read this, wink-wink)
Thanks Ladies! 
26.“Eat with chopsticks” on the lighter side – Roxanne
27. “Forgive” on the more serious side – Roxanne
28. “How to ask for help” -NK
29. “Have a set of clearly defined morals” -NK
30. “Know how to speak for yourself or anyone that can not” – NK
31. My mom always told me, “Self education is very important”. So, I develop the habit of observing and reflect on my acts, words, thoughts and results. -firenzegold
32. How to be succulent and sexy- anonymous

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  1. With a small amount of editing this is a list that could be used for any adult. The Gender limit and the age limit make it seem that only a select few should live by these guidelines. People should all work to find out who they are, find what there healthy limits are and be confident in everyday tasks.

  2. Thanks for your input! Oh, I do agree that most of the things on this list are indeed life skills we should all strive for regardless of age or gender (in most cases).

    This list grew from the fact that I did not know how to swap out and ground an electrical outlet until this past weekend, when I asked to learn how to do it. It was something that was important to me for some reason…. It got me thinking about what else should I know by now, and what have I yet to learn that, in my humble opinion, a woman my age should know?

    And I am proud to say myself that I am accomplished in most of them. However unfortunately, I know too many women my age and slightly younger who cannot find their way around a car or a toolbox, have always been “taken care of” financially, or remain living in an unhealthly relationship or lifestyle.

    And don’t get me wrong, I am not judging, just observing here.

    Fortunately for most of us learning and self growth is a onstant…… Most of us still have time to improve or fix what we don’t like about ourselves or our lives. This list is where I want/hope to be at by next June when I turn 40. Do you have any other suggestions or goals that would be on your list that I can add to mine?

  3. can’t resist a brainstorm challenge!!

    how about: “eat with chopsticks” on the lighter side…and…”forgive” on the more serious side.

  4. A few, how to ask for help. How to reason out what your emotions are telling you. Know when your needs are not being met. Have a set of clearly defined morals. know how to speak for yourself or anyone that can not. Be able to look back and pull lessons from your past.

    as a writer I have a few goals for myself. Try to gain knowledge in unique situations. Try to be able to write down life events.

    Things that I want to be able to do. Help people see good when it is not easily found. Help people see and reach their potentials. Set goals and keep working at them. being adaptive at times and firm at others. Work to better myself whenever possible.

    I may not get all of them done but I think they are things worth working toward. Your list actually makes it easier to limit yourself to forty defined things. The best things for your list would be things you want to be able to do.


  5. My mom always told me, “Self education is very important”. So, I develop the habit of observing and reflect on my acts, words, thoughts and results. Of course I am not perfect, at least I try. I am always for change – from good to best.

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