If I only had opposable thumbs I could help put all this stuff away


Guess how I am spending my weekend?

My goal this week was to stop by the apartment every day and move a few things.  So, in the pouring rain all week we moved a whole bunch of my stuff.  Now the fun part, sorting it all out and finding a home for it here at the house.  Luckily some of it has been already put away.

This is supposed to be exciting, but I am so overwhelmed at this point.   I want to join Boo, take refuge and take a long cozy quiet nap.

But if they put all this stuff away where will I nap? 

Guess it’s time to stop procrastinating…..

Oh and I forgot to tell you….We were notified by the town yesterday that we have e-coli in the water (icky- ick-ick).  Authorities state the water ban probably won’t be lifted until Monday!  Fun weekend, so in between unpacking boxes we are boiling H20.


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