“Happy Dance” …..It finally stopped raining!


Don’t Eat the Mushrooms

It has been raining a lot here.  Massive thunderstorms with high winds, eardrum blowing thunder, damaging lightening (that blew out our land line phone and we still have yet to call to get repaired) and we have gotten inches and inches of rain. The type of storms that you gasp at when you see the radar. It feels like it has rained almost the entire summer away here in New England!   We were getting ready to build an Ark!

Post Rain: Now these beauties are all over the woods and, unfortunately, the yard.  They are awfully pretty in the woods.  My camera just did not do them justice (red caps).  I love the way they just push everything out of their way when they explode out of the earth.  They are like little hatching monsters. But in the yard, if you don’t pull them up in time they putrefy into a thick black smelly fungi sludge (see coming pictures in tomorrow’s post, Yucky-ick-eeewwwwe)

Also thanks to the rain I had to fight the pterodactyl sized mosquitoes to snap these pics.  By the time I got back into the house I had been eaten alive. I am itchy again just thinking about it.  

It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend without a drop of rain! Happy Dance, wiggle wiggle wiggle.


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