Country Fair


Woodstock Connecticut

We took a respite from chores, unpacking and shuffling furniture around and went to the Woodstock Fair over the weekend.  The little girl in our lives had great fun (and did not want to leave) what a paradise for youngins.  I learned  a hard lesson that I did not realize when I was younger…. Fairs will quickly suck all the cash out of your wallet without you even realizing it ’til you go to reach for that last twenty and it has mysteriously vanished.  Parking, entrance fees, food, rides, more food, stuff to buy, even more rides and food.   Oh, I also learned that my aging tummy does not appreciate all the greasy fried foods my mouth loves. Fried dough, french fries and lemonade, although all vegetarian and equally yummy, do not sit particularly well together, especially after riding the “Polar Express”. 

Nonetheless it was a lot of smelly, dirty, greasy, loud, people watching, family fun.  

It had been a very very long time since I had gone to a fair. I enjoyed looking in the agriculture buildings at everyone’s hard work – first prize pies & cakes baked, photo contest, beautiful flowers, perfect fruits and veggies, etc….  And then there was the 996 pound pumpkin!  The little girl in our lives determined that it weighed too many of her (over 200 of her 46 pound self).  WOW!

  And then there were my favorite, the show animals…….

These little guys were suckling on each other’s ears

Some Pig

This gal was the runt of the litter, much like Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web.  She is now expecting her own litter in October!

Hey Ladies Look at Me!

This turkey was going MAD as he was situated right next to the gorgeous lady turkeys, but damn cage kept him just out of reach!

A face only mother could love?

And lastly, we did not even have to pay extra for this “Freak Show”, my favorite, the one and only of it’s kind in the world….

Mutant Zombie Show Bunny with Cage Growing Out of His Face

This poor guy was so dead to the world he was sleeping through the hoards of people pointing, laughing and taking pictures of him. 


Sadly, I could have walked around taking pictures all night.  There was too much to see through my camera lens I ran out of memory card space quickly.  I politely restrained myself from taking pictures of the other wild life, all of us fair goers.  Man, if you like to people watch there is no place like a country fair (no judgement here, I was an attendee too remember) the only place in my memory that is equally as interesting for people watching is NYC. But I digress….   

Since the Woodstock Fair is only about twenty minutes away, and the little girl in our lives enjoys it so much, we have already set up a game plan for next year.  These are our recommendations for Fairing – buy discounted multi-use wrist bands in advance, find the book loaded with coupons & get a map in advance to plan the best strike and conquer, bring loads of cash, wear closed toe shoes, stuff your face with nutritious food at home before leaving, sneak in bottled water, have a change of clothes in the car, stock up on the hand sanitizer (or build up your immune system prior to fairing), plan to go with friends/family who also have kids (this way it keeps you adults from having to ride the tummy turning rides) and have an open mind to experiencing a fun old tradition.


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  1. I totally agree with the above poster! It cost us $5 to park and then $12 a person to get in so it was $29 just to get in the door! Our two kids were free thankd God. We then bought $20 worth of ride tickets, some fried dough, 2 corn dogs, some water, played some games ( not a lot) and were out $100! Not to mention the number of tickets to get on a ride was totally outrageous. It cost us 4 tickets $1 for each ticket) each to get on a ride called the Haunted Mansion which was a joke. It cost us 2 tickets for my daughter to go on one of those bouncy things and she barely got going jumping around when they told her to get off because time was up. We we will not be going back next year. Canobie Lake Park just over the border in New Hampshire is a MUCH better deal. You pay one price to get in and if you want to you can get get a bite to eat or play some games but we find that we don’t spend too much over the admission price. The rides are awesome and well done and the place is clean and attractive. Af ter the bad experience i don’t think we will be going back to any fairs. I can think of a lot better things to spend $100 on.

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