Evil Twin – WOW (insert sarcasm here) I love being a Gemini



Been grumpy and irritable all week, actually that is putting it mildly.  I’ve been downright Bitchy with a capitol B all week.  Probably hormonal, or something wacky with my lunar cycle, nonetheless trying to make excuses for my uncontrollable mood does not make it go away.  As a result of the sucky mood it seems like everything is difficult, is awful, and a royal pain in the ass.  It is a balance between ripping someone’s head off and crying uncontrollably.  Maybe twice a year, I swing like this – I call this version of me- my evil twin, since I am a Gemini.  She, the evil twin, does not come out very often, but when she does she is feral, bitter, and does not like to play nice.    Even my friend/Yoga teacher Sue (bless her heart) tried to ease me out of my emotional discomfort with some great grounding exercises (crocodile) and reiki, but alas her efforts only achieved temporary relief of what I am unaffectionately calling my “ick”.

I plan to drown my mood in Mexican cheesy goodness.  On this rainy Friday night I have prepared a lazy dinner – You can call it lazy person’s quesadillas or Mexican Lasagna (Layers of tortillas, cheese, re-fried beans, roasted peppers, taco seasoning, Enchilada sauce out of a can, and my fave chipolte Tabasco- piled high in a deep casserole dish and baked in the oven); and one must have homemade guacamole (there is no other such thing) but for me that takes little effort to throw together.  I would normally post a picture for your viewing pleasure, but that would require too much effort at the moment, and would probably go wrong in some way irritating me to the point of deleting the post.  We don’t want that.    

After dinner there is a steaming hot oily bath to be followed by catching up with the season premiere of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and a hot fudge sundae.  

I hope the combination of all those factors (not to mention the alcohol & snuggle time with H) will soothe me into a peaceful —-l—o—n—g—- sleep and I will wake up in the morning with a whole new attitude.  I do not want to waste my valuable Saturday in a horrible mood.


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