Adding to my Stash


I love getting packages in the mail… yarn arrived!

I have been promising H that I would make him this hat. But have not been entirely confident and comfortable with my pattern reading abilities and my ability to keep gauge consistent.  Over the summer I became more confident through my circular knitting projects (my monster series) and I feel up to the challenge of making the “Jug Head Hat” pattern by the “dominknitrix” Jennifer Stafford .  H had bought me her book when I first started to knit.  All the projects in it have been inspiring for me to keep up the craft no matter how frustrated I get.  Her projects are awesome, just my punky style.

I ordered & received 3 skeins each of two different colors of Rowan DK Pure wool yarn- green and black. I figured since I found the DK stuff online I would order extra anticipating making gloves/mittens to match someday.    

The color is “Glade”

I have already made one swatch and think I have the gauge down.  It is in the wash at the moment so I can see how the stitched piece reacts to being washed.  I want to re-read, re-read and again re-read the pattern as well as practice a few of the patterns instructions before I actually cast on, especially – wrap, turn stitch –   and the – provisional cast on- both of which I have never done before.  If all goes well and I can squeak out some “me” time I will cast on before the end of the weekend.

I am off to wind my skeins into nice round manageable balls.


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