Meet Oscar


He only has Eight Lives left

I do not know where to start.  Oscar has such a horrible story.  I know I will sob if I try to document it all. The short of it is that Oscar was beaten with a shovel, and thrown away in a plastic garbage bag with the trash.  He is healing from a broken jaw and skull fracture.  When he came into the shelter he was infested with fleas and mites and covered in his own feces.  The “powers that be” only know how & why he survived. We at the Community Cat Connection are privileged to be his temporary guardians until he is well enough to move into a permanent forever loving home.  

Our volunteer family is tight knit and we communicate with each other through e-mail constantly. Everyone who has met Oscar has been “touched” by him.  I met Oscar tonight.  I went in to the shelter on my day off just to meet him.  He is indeed an amazing cat!  Despite all the horrible abuse he is nothing less than a love bug. As you approach the cage he starts to purr (loudly), he head butts your hand seeking attention and then (sigh) sadly cries when you shut the cage.  All he wants is love and attention.  He is such a good boy!

I could take this opportunity to go off on a rant about the deranged, sadistic and mentally ill in-human individuals who abuse & kill helpless animals such as Oscar, but I won’t.  I would rather spend my time channeling positive energy.  

Oscar was brought into our shelter by an innocent third party.  I do not know her name, but I praise her courage and spirit for caring enough about Oscar to drive from a neighboring state to our little shelter, the only one she could find that was willing to take him in.  She would not accept our waiver and paid the shelter’s “surrender fee” of $35.  This person is a saint and I personally thank her where-ever she is out there in the world.

Oscar is a survivor.  We all have lessons we can learn from him about unconditional love, trust, hope, strength, courage and survival.  I do feel “touched” and privileged for having met him and I look forward to my shift on Thursday to see him again.

I am thankful for our wonderful shelter the Community Cat Connection and our family of dedicated loving volunteers.  As small & humble as we are, if we were not in operation, Oscar would still be in peril (another part of the story I would rather omit) and he would not be in a safe nurturing, loving environment.  

Oscar is around 6 years old, and despite his frail appearance he is a large cat.  He could certainly stand to put on a bit of weight.  Oscar goes to our Vet tomorrow for a full work up including combo test (Feline HIV & Leukemia).  As one volunteer so aptly put it…..

To quote Ernest Menaul: “The cat has too much spirit to have no heart”.…Oscar obviously has a lot of spirit, and I hope his eight remaining lives are spent in the comfortable and loving home he deserves… 

Keep Oscar in your thoughts and send him as much positive healing energy as  you can.  I will let you know when he is ready to move into a forever loving home (that is if us volunteers let him go to one other than family…. I have a feeling we might fight over him). 

The Community Cat Connection now has a pay-pal account.  Please donate if you want to help support us in caring for cats like Oscar until they are placed with forever loving homes.



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  1. Oh! The poor baby. I hope his tests come back negative so he can be all clear to heal and find a home.

    Both of my fur-children send best wishes too. They know what it’s like to be thrown away by careless owners (not as extreme as poor Oscar though – that’s awful!!) They hope he finds a nice home like they did but not THEIR home. They don’t share well 😉

    It’s amazing how animals are able to forgive humans for what they do and be excellent, loving pets despite a bad experience.

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