I try to make this space a positive place, challenging and celebrating life down to the smallest details, but  occasionally even I get sidetracked by strong emotion that was rooted out of negative energy.  This is one of those moments, but maybe there is a lesson in all this somewhere….

Moose Shot Dead in City – Worcester

Moose’s a.m. ramble proves fatal

This story makes me sad and angry.  And I hate to think that “they”, the trolls, “got to me”, but the heartless snide comments by certain residents of our community penetrated my bubble of positive energy.   Maybe it is because I met Oscar yesterday and have been thinking a lot about humankind’s relationship to animals, but don’t you think that the moose deserved better treatment and mores respect than to meet his demise chased & cornered off by dozens of humans with guns.  I guess I am naive, but I do not believe for one second that there was not an alternative resolution that would end with the moose remaining alive, not to mention the bears the police killed earlier this year, and not one person getting injured.

Once again…..Sigh


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  1. Unfortunately, there are people like this everywhere. These are the narcissistic beings who give humans a bad name. My scumbag father is one of them. He could never understand how I placed my cats (and other creatures, for that matter) on the same level as human beings. To him, they were inferior slaves meant to bend to his every whim. Unsurprisingly, we have not spoken in several years (not over this, but it definitely doesn’t help my opinion of him).

    It certainly makes me happy we have not communicated because I know he would never support the work I do at the CCC, especially since it is all unpaid and he is one of the most materialistic and miserly people I have ever met. Personally, I think there’s something a little off with someone who doesn’t like any animals at all. I can understand being a cat person or a dog person, but when someone tells me they don’t like any type of animal period, I get a little creeped out.

    I wish more people could understand that respecting this planet and its creatures is not “liberal” or “hippie;” it’s just common sense. We are all connected, and the more humans destroy that bond, the more they destroy their very home. I think some people try to make light of compassion and respect because it’s “cool” to look like an asshole, but at the end of the line, we all know who will have had a more fulfilling life.

    P.S. My co-workers thought I was nuts when I let a fly out of a bottle of onion powder. I don’t know how he managed to get in there, but the bottle was already contaminated and I was going to throw it out anyway. They told me to just throw it in the trash, but I said I would never want to spend my last moments suffocating to the smell of onions. I dumped out the powder outside, let him fly away, and then threw the bottle in the trash. A customer gave me a questioning look, so I told him what I was doing and he actually commended me and said I had “a very kind soul.” It’s nice to know there are more of us out there.

  2. What a breath of fresh air. After reading some other messages, I had all but given up on humans as a whole. There are days when I’m embarrassed to be called a human. I read where a man wrote humans are at the top of the food chain… I’d like to see him, naked, outside, with no gun or bow, and see how long it takes him to decline on that food chain.

    Bless you for understanding.

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