Please Vote for the Community Cat Connection!


We need your Vote! Spread the Word!

Your vote may help the Community Cat Connection to win $10,000.

We need the money to rehab our shelter so that we can continue to help the cats and kittens of our community who do not have voices of their own……

Oscar, who I blogged about in an earlier post (click here to read). He is a happy boy and doing well with us. His sad story will have a happy ending someday, hopefully soon.


One week old kittens abandoned by their feral mother.  They were rescued by two women who plan to adopt them, but need our help keeping them alive until they are strong enough to eat on their own.  A nursing mother cat in one of our foster homes is now caring lovingly for them.


Kiara, once a mother, now gorgeous rubinesque lover who just wants to cuddle in a home all of her own,( she doesn’t play well with other cats).  She wishes she could go home with H, she loves him up every time he comes to the shelter for a visit.   

And Woody, he is my new “favorite”. He is labeled a feral, came in last weekend on a TNR (Trap Neuter Release). Most of think he is a stray though, he is way too friendly to be a wild cat.  He has really taken a beating living outdoors, came in covered with fleas, ticks and many healing wounds from fights. Though he is BIG, solid and on the outside appears to be a real tough manly cat, he is a teddy bear and a love bug that melts into your arms when you hold him. (You gotta be strong though, he’s a big dude)  



To learn more about the Community Cat Connection and what we do click here.

Thank You for your vote!


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