Wiped Out


I don’t mean to intentionally disappoint my mass audience.  I have been suffering from a tummy bug for a few days and then I woke up in the middle of the night Tuesday with severe pain in my left ear.  It seems I have developed an ear infection, no fun at all.  In between the spasms of shooting pain (that radiates into my jaw, sinus and behind my eye) I feel like my head is in a fish bowl and I cannot hear very well, huh, what did you say?  And, lovely, this morning the other ear started to ache too, oh joy.   Damn allergies are tough this year.  Not hitting my nose as hard (not runny or stuffy), but my sinuses (pain/pressure), head and ears are taking a beating.

After being at work all day, my shelter commitments and family/household commitments I am totally wiped out and really don’t have any energy or patience to sit in front of a computer.  Not to mention I don’t have anything positive to say (so why say anything at all).

I hope to be back to my healthy self by the weekend through my regimen of regular doses of prescription ear drops, vitamins, rest and reiki.


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