Attention All Fathers on Halloween:


I saw a very scary thing today…..

I stopped at the local grocery store on my way home tonight and I saw a trend of consumers.

Women (mostly mother age) all toting around a large bottle of white wine with their groceries and of course candy.  It was quite comical, every single one had a big old bottle of Chardonay!  I laughed out loud.

So ATTENTION ALL FATHERS: Be on the lookout for all the drunken housewives handing out candy to your children.  And be prepared to find your wife three sheets to the wind (where the hell did that saying ever come from anyway) when you return home with the kids.  Hey, you’re likely to “get lucky” tonight too if she’s been dipping into the chocolate along side the wine. Chocolate stirs up those happy hormones, and well you know what the wine does.  

What was I doing at the grocery store?  Well certainly not buying a magnum bottle of cheap white or candy. I was getting limes and grapefruit juice to mix myself a proper drink while my man is out trick or treating with his daughter.  (Pama Pomegranate Liquor, unsweetened ruby red juice, 1/2 lime and seltzer Yum-Yum) 

Boo – a Halloween toast to you!


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