Oscar went to his Forever Loving Home today!


Congratulations Oscar!


Last night, at the end of my shift at the Community Cat Connection H and I said “goodbye” and “congratulations” to Oscar the cat.  For today he went to his forever loving home.

All of us volunteers at the CCC will miss Oscar.  He came into us after having endured some extremely traumatic conditions of severe abuse and won all of our hearts. (see earlier post)  He is such a gentle and loving soul he will make his new “mom” very happy.  

This is what I love about the volunteer work that I do at the shelter.  Now, you think it would be sad to say goodbye to a cat or kitten that you have gotten “attached” to or “bonded” with, and I will not say that it is not a little tug at my heart.  But it makes me thrilled to learn when I go in for my shift each week to discover that one or more have been adopted and gone home.  That is what we are about, rescuing cats & kittens from bad environments (whether it be abandonment, surrender, abuse, neglect, or stray) and finding them PERMANENT homes to love, protect, nurture and respect for the remainder of their lives whether they be 10 weeks or 8 years.   I thrive on the sense of hope that all of our cats, even the “old unadoptable” ones will someday go home.  

I have learned in the short time at the shelter that for most people, the real cat people who know cats, when you walk into the CCC to “adopt a cat”, you do not pick out a cat because they are pretty or cute, truly, the cat choses to adopt you and deep in your heart both you and the cat know that you have found “the one”, your pet, your new “family”.

I love my work at the Community Cat Connection, yes even scooping the poop.  I now am privileged to sit on the Board of Directors.  As an all volunteer operated organization we are doing pretty good, we are developing business plans, working on sustainability and everyday we become a more stable respected organization.  However, we are far from hiring staff, having an investment account, and a multi million dollar facility, but I have confidence that we will get there someday.  It is an honor to work side by side with the humane, dedicated and loving team of CCC volunteers, the CCC Family. 

But we cannot do it all alone! If you are able please consider contributing to our humble little shelter.  Money is a good thing, but we also accept donations in the form of cat food, litter, toys, hand sanitizer, beds, bleach and laundry supplies, paper towels etc……  We are also selling Cookbooks and Calendars, they make great gifts (we even take Pay-Pal online).  Community Cat Connection, Webster Massachusetts.      

Your assistance would allow us to continue to help cats like Oscar find their home. 



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