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The Cat is IN the Bag


Not quite sure where the phrase came from “the cat is out of the bag” because they always seem to be going into them…….

Woody at the Shelter in a paper bag, he moved into it the minute it hit the floor!



Boo (our cat at home) in a bag of “Christmas Nougats”! Gee do you think she really liked the smell of them? I think she thought that she was helping!



Water Front Property, Part II


A Tree Funeral

Overnight the water rose up to the other bed of trees we planted, which means the water crept over five feet.  So now all ten baby white pines’ fate is doomed.  

The bed I photographed yesterday is completely submerged and frozen.  Keep in mind that the trees are a good ten inches tall and their stakes are fifteen inches tall.  

I would like to repeat that we were very fortunate down here south of Worcester!  We are not suffering from the loss of power and devastation that much of the state is dealing with.  

I am just so saddened about the loss of our trees.  See my post about when we planted them here. 
And here’s another one too.

Water Front Property


I wish!

After the extreme rain that we received last night we now own prime real estate! NOT!

I don’t mean to complain, we were really very very fortunate.  We live south enough of Worcester that we did not get any accumulating freezing rain and our electricity stayed on, and is still on.  But both the front yard and the back yard have flooded and become wetlands. (Must address this with our new “neighbor” who built the road that forces much of the water in our direction, dude please put in drainage!) And YES, those are the baby trees that we planted in the spring,  underwater.  Not sure if they will make it because it is supposed to drop down into the 20’s for the next couple of days.  I imagine their fate is doomed,  pine cubes .

Again, we were very lucky, it could have been so much worse. I have friends who must find someplace other than their home to spend the next day or two until the power is turned back on.   I admit, I am being selfish, I am sad for our trees.


Update: Since I posted this the water line has risen to cover the entire bed of baby trees submerging all of them.  Any higher and it will reach the other bed of baby trees.  The bottom most pictures are the latest of the creeping water.


See my latest post regarding the freezing overnight. 😦

Be the Change


Live By Example

Even with all that I do to try to make this world a better place, I felt inadequate when I read this story today. I have to admit, it made me cry a little……

DETROIT, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ — Homeless men from the Mariners Inn shelter and treatment center in downtown Detroit are once again launching an effort to help needy families this holiday season. The homeless men will provide Christmas for four families with money they collect from friends and local businesses or that they earn. Through the Adopt-A-Family program, the men hope to raise $500 for each family to provide clothing, toys, household items, and food. This is the third year that the men of Mariners Inn have provided Christmas for local families in need. Richard Drewery, one of the clients heading up the campaign, stated, “If people had not helped me during my time of need, I don’t know what would have happened. I just want to sort of give back what they gave me.”

“These men may be homeless but they are not hopeless,” says David Sampson, COO for Mariners. They know what it feels like to be ignored, not just at Christmas, but year round because of their circumstances. The men are sons, they are husbands, and they are fathers that have found a way to look beyond their own situation to help somebody else in need. This campaign represents the true spirit of the holiday season.

Please help the men of Mariners Inn achieve their goal. While the men provide Christmas to others in need, they also heal themselves and in doing so gain a sense of self-worth. All donations are tax deductible and may be dropped off during normal business hours. To make a donation or learn more about how you can help, please contact Doreen Webb at 313-962-9446 (ext. 230) or at

Mariners Inn is a non-profit, 24-hour, residential substance abuse facility for homeless men located at 445 Ledyard in Detroit’s historic Cass Corridor. The agency provides free shelter and substance abuse recovery services to men from across the state. Men show up sober at the time of registration and are tested regularly for alcohol and drug use. Our zero tolerance policy helps support the determination these men have made to finally break their addictions. At Mariners, men get the help they need to return to society clean, sober and eager to support their families and community.


    Contact:  Doreen Webb
              (313) 962-9446 (ext. 230)

Makes you wonder if you are doing enough, huh?  Well don’t just sit there, do something about it!