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Do I remember how to do this?


Adaptation, I am getting there…..

It has been well over a month, nearly two since I have posted.  It is not that I have gotten bored with it, or disinterested, it is that life in general (not to mention laziness) has interrupted this blog.

Most of you, friends & family know that I started a new job last month.  Well the new position has thrown my whole life off it’s axis, temporarily.

As much as I am a spontaneous, free spirit who thrives on change, I am too a creature of habit  and of constance, and of knowing that there is a safe haven of refuge (I am a gemini after all, polar opposites in one body).

The past month with the change in my daily work routine has reeked havoc to the rest of my life.  Not that it is a bad thing, not at all.  Learning & focusing takes so much physical energy, you just forget until you have to do it.  Being “on” all the time can be not only exhausting not to mention overwhelming, and let’s face it I know I am young and up for the challenge, but I am not in my twenties anymore.

So back to that creature of habit I claim to be.  My day is off kilter by at least an hour, and I cannot adjust.  So I am home at least an hour later than I used to be, exhausted, and I have my routine (chores) that suck the last bit of energy out of me Monday through Friday.   The exhaustion makes everything more cumbersome and therefore takes longer.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog, it is that I haven’t had the energy to be creative, nor do I think I’ve been able to write coherent sentences at the end of the day.  

And let me put this straight just in case I sound like I am miserable…. I love my new job, it is just the change and challenge that I needed to snap me out of a rut and put my so called “career” back on track.

So tonight I break the silence, and fight through the tired eyes and headache to greet you all , my adoring fans.   Albeit brief, but my voice is back out on the interwebs.

I do have many picture to share (If I can figure out  how to get them off my new Iphone), mostly of my other man, Woody, the loving beast we adopted from the shelter; I have made some awesome soups on the weekends, and the crocus are BLOOMING!  But all that will have to wait for another day.  Please just be happy with the progress I have made writing this all out.

Alas I am off to eat some proper dinner on a Monday night (also for the first time in about a month), comfort food, even for vegetarians, Sloppy Joes.

Thank you for your patience and not giving up with me! 

Om -Namaste – Remember to B—–R——E—–A——T——E——!


Wow, look at that all I had to do was open my photo editor with my phone plugged in!  Here is Mr. Woody in his manly stance doing his “laundry”.  Go ahead and giggle, we laugh at him all the time.img_0121