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I try to make this space a positive place, challenging and celebrating life down to the smallest details, but  occasionally even I get sidetracked by strong emotion that was rooted out of negative energy.  This is one of those moments, but maybe there is a lesson in all this somewhere….

Moose Shot Dead in City – Worcester

Moose’s a.m. ramble proves fatal

This story makes me sad and angry.  And I hate to think that “they”, the trolls, “got to me”, but the heartless snide comments by certain residents of our community penetrated my bubble of positive energy.   Maybe it is because I met Oscar yesterday and have been thinking a lot about humankind’s relationship to animals, but don’t you think that the moose deserved better treatment and mores respect than to meet his demise chased & cornered off by dozens of humans with guns.  I guess I am naive, but I do not believe for one second that there was not an alternative resolution that would end with the moose remaining alive, not to mention the bears the police killed earlier this year, and not one person getting injured.

Once again…..Sigh