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The World Can Breathe Easier Once Again…


My Hero…


I feel full of hope and have faith in our government once again.  I do not have to hold my breath any longer—- l—-o—-n—-g—<<sigh>> of relief, and breathe…..

Welcome President Obama! 

Tell us what to do, we are at the nation’s service.


Oscar went to his Forever Loving Home today!


Congratulations Oscar!


Last night, at the end of my shift at the Community Cat Connection H and I said “goodbye” and “congratulations” to Oscar the cat.  For today he went to his forever loving home.

All of us volunteers at the CCC will miss Oscar.  He came into us after having endured some extremely traumatic conditions of severe abuse and won all of our hearts. (see earlier post)  He is such a gentle and loving soul he will make his new “mom” very happy.  

This is what I love about the volunteer work that I do at the shelter.  Now, you think it would be sad to say goodbye to a cat or kitten that you have gotten “attached” to or “bonded” with, and I will not say that it is not a little tug at my heart.  But it makes me thrilled to learn when I go in for my shift each week to discover that one or more have been adopted and gone home.  That is what we are about, rescuing cats & kittens from bad environments (whether it be abandonment, surrender, abuse, neglect, or stray) and finding them PERMANENT homes to love, protect, nurture and respect for the remainder of their lives whether they be 10 weeks or 8 years.   I thrive on the sense of hope that all of our cats, even the “old unadoptable” ones will someday go home.  

I have learned in the short time at the shelter that for most people, the real cat people who know cats, when you walk into the CCC to “adopt a cat”, you do not pick out a cat because they are pretty or cute, truly, the cat choses to adopt you and deep in your heart both you and the cat know that you have found “the one”, your pet, your new “family”.

I love my work at the Community Cat Connection, yes even scooping the poop.  I now am privileged to sit on the Board of Directors.  As an all volunteer operated organization we are doing pretty good, we are developing business plans, working on sustainability and everyday we become a more stable respected organization.  However, we are far from hiring staff, having an investment account, and a multi million dollar facility, but I have confidence that we will get there someday.  It is an honor to work side by side with the humane, dedicated and loving team of CCC volunteers, the CCC Family. 

But we cannot do it all alone! If you are able please consider contributing to our humble little shelter.  Money is a good thing, but we also accept donations in the form of cat food, litter, toys, hand sanitizer, beds, bleach and laundry supplies, paper towels etc……  We are also selling Cookbooks and Calendars, they make great gifts (we even take Pay-Pal online).  Community Cat Connection, Webster Massachusetts.      

Your assistance would allow us to continue to help cats like Oscar find their home. 


Meet Oscar


He only has Eight Lives left

I do not know where to start.  Oscar has such a horrible story.  I know I will sob if I try to document it all. The short of it is that Oscar was beaten with a shovel, and thrown away in a plastic garbage bag with the trash.  He is healing from a broken jaw and skull fracture.  When he came into the shelter he was infested with fleas and mites and covered in his own feces.  The “powers that be” only know how & why he survived. We at the Community Cat Connection are privileged to be his temporary guardians until he is well enough to move into a permanent forever loving home.  

Our volunteer family is tight knit and we communicate with each other through e-mail constantly. Everyone who has met Oscar has been “touched” by him.  I met Oscar tonight.  I went in to the shelter on my day off just to meet him.  He is indeed an amazing cat!  Despite all the horrible abuse he is nothing less than a love bug. As you approach the cage he starts to purr (loudly), he head butts your hand seeking attention and then (sigh) sadly cries when you shut the cage.  All he wants is love and attention.  He is such a good boy!

I could take this opportunity to go off on a rant about the deranged, sadistic and mentally ill in-human individuals who abuse & kill helpless animals such as Oscar, but I won’t.  I would rather spend my time channeling positive energy.  

Oscar was brought into our shelter by an innocent third party.  I do not know her name, but I praise her courage and spirit for caring enough about Oscar to drive from a neighboring state to our little shelter, the only one she could find that was willing to take him in.  She would not accept our waiver and paid the shelter’s “surrender fee” of $35.  This person is a saint and I personally thank her where-ever she is out there in the world.

Oscar is a survivor.  We all have lessons we can learn from him about unconditional love, trust, hope, strength, courage and survival.  I do feel “touched” and privileged for having met him and I look forward to my shift on Thursday to see him again.

I am thankful for our wonderful shelter the Community Cat Connection and our family of dedicated loving volunteers.  As small & humble as we are, if we were not in operation, Oscar would still be in peril (another part of the story I would rather omit) and he would not be in a safe nurturing, loving environment.  

Oscar is around 6 years old, and despite his frail appearance he is a large cat.  He could certainly stand to put on a bit of weight.  Oscar goes to our Vet tomorrow for a full work up including combo test (Feline HIV & Leukemia).  As one volunteer so aptly put it…..

To quote Ernest Menaul: “The cat has too much spirit to have no heart”.…Oscar obviously has a lot of spirit, and I hope his eight remaining lives are spent in the comfortable and loving home he deserves… 

Keep Oscar in your thoughts and send him as much positive healing energy as  you can.  I will let you know when he is ready to move into a forever loving home (that is if us volunteers let him go to one other than family…. I have a feeling we might fight over him). 

The Community Cat Connection now has a pay-pal account.  Please donate if you want to help support us in caring for cats like Oscar until they are placed with forever loving homes.


Laziness has set in…


Hey look at that, this ended up being a halfway decent blog post

I think, NO, I know I really needed a few days off from work and life in general.  However is it possible that three days vacation is just too long for me?  Laziness, sheer and unadulterated laziness had enough time to dig it’s ugly claws into me, deep into me.  That is why I have not blogged, nor done any chores, nor made any decisions, nor returned any e-mails, nor called anyone back since sometime last week.  I have been living in a hedonistic bubble and have been enjoying it a little too much (What makes it more fun is that my other half, H, has been in the bubble with me, we are very bad influences on one another)

I am hoping now that I am back to work that my routine will also kick back in.  

All is not lost though.  I did manage to fulfill a commitment other than work today.  I had my first volunteer shift at the Cat Shelter tonight.  Scooping poop, folding laundry, washing floors and playing/snuggling with the kitties.   I made some feline friends, and some grumps have yet to warm up to me.  The place is rampant with kittens right now, there are easily 3 dozen running around the place.  You have to watch your every step to not stomp on one.  They are a riot to watch scamper, jump and roll.  But then there is one named “cupcake” that breaks my heart.  Her rear legs are nearly paralyzed and then there are her five brothers & sisters trample all over her.  It is my understanding that she may be able to be rehabilitated to walk again, but the commitment to get her there is PT every two or so hours, unfortunately it appears that frequency is too intense for the volunteer infrastructure of the organization at this moment.   I wish I had the time to be able to help her.  But I am going to keep an eye out for that special person who may be able to be her angel.  In the meantime I might stop by some extra time to hold her and give her some Reiki.  I have to remember to keep it all in perspective. Number one – I must remind myself that I cannot save the world.  And out of all the cats there at the moment it is amazing that she is the only one with a severe disability like that.  I am sure that the shelter has seen worse injuries and disabilities, and if I am in it for the long haul I will probably see worse as well.  Cupcake is loved regardless of disability and will eventually find a forever home that is perfect for her needs.  Cats aside, the humans there are pretty cool too, they are good peeps who set time aside and volunteer because they care about the cats. I think I am going to really like it there.  I’ll keep you all posted.  And still the answer is NO I have not come home with a cat yet.  

Since my regular shift at the shelter is going to be Monday nights I am going to have to probably permanently move “Chick Flick Nite” to another day of the week.  Right now I am thinking Thursday, but I won’t make any promises.  Nonetheless I enjoy my movie time and want to set aside that special time for me to indulge in the latest chick flicks, cry/sob/sniffle/tear, and inform all of you my opinion on the number of tissues you will need to properly enjoy the film. 

I will try banish the laziness and finish up the “vacation post” with pics tomorrow or Wednesday.  ‘Til then namaste.




Compelled to Serve


I confess, I am a crazy cat lady at heart….


I packed up some of the cat paraphernalia I had all around the apartment, cat food, new litter, treats, bowls, etc….  I found a local cat shelter that will gladly take donations of any kind – the Community Cat Connection “CCC” in Webster, Massachusetts.  When I dropped these items off they said that they will even take Hocus’ crate, beds & litter pan (I plan on scrubbing them clean this weekend). 


I spent a considerable amount of time at the CCC.  It is non-profit, completely run on private donations and totally volunteer driven.  There are cats & kittens running around and sleeping everywhere in the place…. rescued kittens so young that they still need to be bottle-fed, ferrals that are being spayed/neutered and rehabilitated, abused and neglected cats & kittens, all shapes-colors and sizes.  When they are at capacity they even accept cats & kittens who are then fostered in volunteers’ homes until they can be adopted….  She told me some really awful stories about the reasons behind some of their arriving at the shelter and  to balance it out  some amazing success stories about others who have moved on to “forever loving homes”.       


I am still struggling with the emptiness of the apartment.  I had yet another breakdown when I got home last night.  It seems every time I walk through that damn door I lose it.    The apartment is just so incredibly empty now without my friend. 

Now I know what you all are thinking and NO I did not come home with a cat or a kitten. 

I am still too raw.  Hocus cannot just be “replaced” by another life. I need to give myself some time to grieve and adapt.  I am in no position at the moment to make the huge commitment to an animal that was traumatized.   


But I can still get my kitty fix….I am going to be a Volunteer for the CCC.  I have a set of professional skills that can benefit the organization (grant writing, fundraising, volunteer recruitment & coordination, event planning, public speaking), I am Level I Reiki and cats especially love Reiki especially when they are not feeling well, and most importantly scooping poop does not phase me one bit.  


I have a philanthropic soul and have been searching for a volunteer activity that would be not only helpful to an organization, but also be fulfilling and fun.  For the past couple of years I have been doing regular volunteer work for a few different organizations, but all of them have felt like a chore or penance each time I have to go to my assignment. The other day at the CCC I felt very at home when I walked through the door and instantly knew I wanted to help them out more than just the donation of supplies.  The organization benefits, the kitties benefit and I benefit.  It appears to be a win-win-win situation.


<<Note, I am all proud of myself too, I embedded the link to the shelter in the photo, just click on the photo below and it will take you to their website.  happy geek dance>>