How does your garden grow?


Spent some time in the yard documenting progress




Just a few days later the Peonies are almost spent now….


King Leo now has needles and Oh, my he is getting TALL!


The baby White Pines we planted just after the last frost all have new growth!

This is my new “Corn Flower” – Centaurea Montana – Gold Bullion

The Mountain Laurels are blooming too <<sniffle, sniffle, ah-choo>> (great for allergies). See the big fuzzy bumble bee?

These False Indigo- Baptistia Australis attract Hummingbirds, but they are too fast to snap a picture of.  By the time I get my camera they are long gone!

Lastly, this is where the Chipmunks live (well at least 2 of the dozen or so holes we can find in the yard).  I think we have a whole Metropolis of the cute fuzzy striped critters living under the yard.



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